Model: Me

Photographer : Kris Saelen / Victorie.com

Make-up and hair : Shana Meylemans

Designer skirt: Essential Latex

Designer Top: William Wilde

Designer shoes: Kassiopeya


Lady Louiza

Model / Belgium


I'm a model from Belgium, available for photoshoots.

Model and stylist: Me

Photographer: Ness Brems

Make-up: Saartje Van Den Haute

Hair: Nathalie

Location: Plantentuin Meise




Hi, I'm Lady Louiza


I’m a model based in Belgium. I have been modeling for over 10 years, but still growing every shoot. I love to shoot all kinds of styles and don’t want to limit myself to one kind of style. For me, shooting is about expressing all sides of my personality.


I'm available for portrait, glamour, pin-up, fashion, lingerie, latex, fantasy, theme, artistic ...  I don't ask for compensation if your work offers an extra value to my portfolio.


Some work ethics: I'm not available for nude concepts, I'd rather not work with fur, and I prefer to not glorify cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. If I do my own make-up, I use cruelty free products.


Shooting isn’t my main activity. In daily life I’m combining a job with studying to be a dietitian. That means my free time is limited mainly to school holidays. It’s possible I'm free at other times, don't hesitate to ask.

Model: Me

Photographer: Studio Sheridan's Art

Make-up: Margaux Cabuy

Dress: Maria Heller Design

Antlers: Liv Free Creations






Hair: At this moment my hair is mid-back length, light blonde. The lengths are bleached a bit.

My hair will stay long, but can be bleached further or coloured. If that should be a concern, just enquire about it.


Eyes: My eyes are grey with a touch of green.


Body mods: No body modification, except normal earrings.


(European sizes)

Length: 1m72

Sizes: breast 82cm - waist 68cm - hips 97 cm

Confection: 36 (top) - 36/38 (bottom) 

Shoe: 39





  • I'm an experienced model in studio and on location.

I've been working duo's with other (female) models and with animals (birds).

  • I've been a model at shooting days (with photography clubs, at meetings)
  • I've performed at fashion shows: Vecona at Gala Nocturna, Elisabetha at Gala Nocturna, Cadavre Exquis Couture at Cabaret Gothique, Cadavre Exquis Couture at Obsession Bizarre (during Wave Gothic Treffen).
  • I can apply basic make-up. I did a few workshops (with MAC and e.l.f.)
  • I can fix basic hairdos, I did a workshop with Julia Lion Hair and experimented a lot myself.
  • I can bring styling. I have an extensive wardrobe in different styles, and can do some basic sewing and crafting.  I also have lots of accessoires (wigs, headdresses, jewelry, shoes, props ...)

Model, make-up, styling: Me

Photographer: Michel Geven

Eagle-Owl: Bo


Model: Me

Photographer and props: Camera eye Photography

Make-up and hair: Nadia Mazzacaro

Designer neck and waist corset: Cadavre Exquis Couture


Model left: Anne Darke                                Model right: Me

Photographer : Koen Van Den Broeck

Make-up : Kathleen Convens

Hair: Me

Designer skirt left: Cadavre Exquis Couture

Designer skirt right: William Wilde


Natural Portraits

I love to work in nature and/or with animals. But I also love to work in a simple setting to create more emotional portraits.

Dark Fantasy

Every now and then I want to step out of my comfortzone and create a whole new character together with a team.

Latex & Fashion

I also love shooting with latex. Because this is a more sensual kind of photography, I will only shoot this when feeling most comfortable with the photographer.

Model, make-up, styling: Me

Photographer: Michel Nulens


Model: Me

Photographer: Dennis Claes

Make-up and hair: Nadia Mazzacaro


Lady Louiza

Model / Belgium

I have the right to use all pictures on this website. They can not be shared without credits. Please contact me, or the photographer if you would like to use any of  these pictures.